The Problem

  • Prior to the 2008 financial crisis, growing your money was simpler. Bank products (i.e. savings accounts, CDs, etc.), 401k's, stocks & bonds, mutual funds, and buying/paying off your home were some of the most common ways used by most people.
  • Taxes, interest rates, and home values were lower yet investment rates of return were higher. So it was easier for people to save money for the things they wanted without acquiring life crushing debt, pay their homes off in a reasonable amount of time and prepare for their retirement.
  • Now we've got a new situation, growing your money is more complicated due to INCREASED taxes, interest rates and home values, while at the same time we have LOWER rates of return on banking products & bonds, and a riskier stock  market on a global scale.
  • Compounding the situation, the average household debt has increased to over $200,000, home equity nationwide has plummeted, and legacy stealing lawsuits are at an all time high.
  • As a result, many people meet with a financial advisor who simply sells them a financial product instead of what's actually best for them. So they get bad advice that  doesn't help them get what THEY want.
  • Other people may have money to invest, or own a business, and get contradictory advice from their tax, legal and financial advisors because all of their advisors' individual efforts are NOT coordinated.
  • So people end up NOT growing wealth, OVERPAYING their taxes, not having proper lawsuit protection and paying more than they should for their advice.
  • You must employ time-tested, market proven, 'work smarter not harder' financial planning strategies combined with the "New Rules of Creative Wealth Building" to get the results you want. The rules have changed!
  • Your Strategic Financial Plan is the solution you must use to enjoy and live a BETTER life now, provide the very best for your loved ones, retire with a quality of life as good or better than what you have now, and leave a legacy for your children.
  • Our Solution is called the "GenWealth 360" wealth building system. Our system is POWERFUL because it takes a HOLISTIC APPROACH to financial advising, education & wealth building and focuses on you as A WHOLE PERSON, not separate parts.
  • You get a complete TEAM of expert advisors that provide creative solutions in Financial Advising, Real Estate & Tax Planning, Asset Protection/Legal Strategies and Business Consulting. We bring 6 fields of advisors together to benefit you. This means that you get the EXACT results that YOU want!

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